Ximena Pecheco is a young woman from Paísancho, one of the Vaqueros riding along its plains. However, she is more of a freelancer and day-worker, occasionally working odd jobs as well.

As a young woman of talent, she is rumoured in certain circles to be on the payroll of the LCN, at least occasionally.



Ximena is a cheerful young woman, who knows of her looks and knows about how to use them. She

However, her cheer hides a darker side, which has to do with her odd jobs.

Personal Relations

Naelle Villeggiante

Naelle and Ximena met during the 2019 Launceston Harvest Festival, both sharing a room at the Báirse Inn with another person. Although Naelle had the hots for her, he was well aware, that she was out of his league. He still tried.

Ximena likes the young man, though not in the capacity he would like her to to like him.

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