The Yard Crisis was an economic crisis in the 1970s in the Free Lands


Prelude: The 60s to 1965

1965-1972: The Bated Breath

Collapse - 23rd of May 1972

Bad Harvests of 1973 and 1974

One of the most major consequences of the Bad Harvests were the Farmer-Loans, a series of laws enacted to allow farmers to mechanize their production and thus increase their yields, as well as investments in the Agronomy-Department of the University of Fortham.

Stable Year 1975 - Unrest of 1975

Seabhcóir: Unrest of 1975 in Seabhcóir

In 2019, the movie Buabhall Ósta Troida (a.k.a. The Battle of the Buabhall Inn or Duty of the Chambermaids in English) was released.

Slow Rise of 1976 and 1977

Out of the Crisis


Some historians argue, that 1983 Second Vellenge War was an immediate consequence or aftereffect of the Yard Crisis or at least related to it, for a Republican Junta couped itself to power in 1976 during the Height of Lutetii's own economic crisis.

Cultural Impact

The 1970s were also the time when Selkie-Rock as a musical style took off, many younger people turning to the musical style disapproved of by their parents as a sign of rebellion against the established order that brought the crisis and desperation upon them. Selkie-Rock like from the band Sinsear (internationally known as The Progenitors) became the soundtrack of the Unrest of 1975.

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