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Yvain Saighead of the Tribe of Westmeath is a Selkie Businessman and representative of Silverport Dockyards Limited on several occasions. He replaced Gwen Cathlong of the Tribe of Cork in 2019 due to her pregnancy. Before that, he was liaison between SDY and its subsidiary Sciathan Limited in Riverwood.

He is married to Liliane Saighead of the Tribe of Westmeath and has one daughter, Isla Saighead of the Tribe of Westmeath.


Yvain Saighead of the Tribe of Westmeath was born in Wembury in 1972 and, due to the long-history of the city with seafaring and naval matters, always had a keen interest in seafaring - due to his father being the owner of a number of fishing vessels and two fish processing vessels, he had a solid entry into the matters of the sea. He had three older siblings, Eileen (born 1970, died 2017), Yvain (born 1969) and Gawain (born 1965).

Yvain had an unassuming school career, only really excelling in Mathematics. In 1983, he applied for the Iris Boarding School Complex and was taken upon passing of the entrance exams. There, he got to know his future wife, Liliane Saighead of the Tribe of Westmeath, two years above him. She was a young firebrand and he fell in love with her at first sight, although she took her sweet time to return his feelings. The two separated upon graduation.

He graduated in 1991 and began his studies in Leuda in 1992. By 1999, he had a Master's Degree and joined SDY instead of his father's company. As the youngest, he would have become an over-glorified secretary, he believed, and he wanted to have a bit more impact in the world then that. He met Liliane again and the two began to date each other in 2000. They married shortly after that, their first child, Isla being born in 2001.

He made a career and by 2019, he was the liaison between SDY and its subsidiary Sciathan Limited in Riverwood. When news of Gwen Cathlong's pregnancy broke, he knew, that they would be searching for someone to replace her as representative of SDY abroad, but he did not imagine, that Nora Cathlong would choose him. He was correspondingly surprised.

He had his trial by fire a few months later, when he attended the 2019 Ball at Schloss Zyng with his daughter.


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