Lieutenant Yvette Delfino is a soldier and pilot of the Self-Defense Forces, flying the Guairdeall Multi-Purpose Amphibian.


Born in 1997 into a middle-class family in the Municipalité de St. Madeleine, Nouvelle-Dunkerque, Yvette had a good and nice childhood. In 2005, her family visited Kyrenaia for a vacation and while there, they watched an air show - ever since then, Yvette looked to the skies and wondered, how it was to fly.

Upon graduation in 2016, she found out as she volunteered for the Self-Defense Forces and was trained as both an officer and pilot of the Guairdeall Multi-Purpose Amphibian, starting with their introduction into service in 2018.

In 2017, during her flight training, she flew a supply mission to an archaeological dig regarding the Oiseau-Culture, which ended around the 1730s. While on Guifette Island, she and a few men of her crew were allowed to have a look at one of the temples, an underground crypt - Yvette never felt a place so wrong then that one.


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